When will the festival be held this year?

This year’s 11th edition of Turtle Fest will be held from 14-16 July in Drimadhës Beach, Albania at “Pepperon the beach”.

How many stages the festival has and what are they?

This year, Turtle Fest will have 2 Stages: Main Stage & Day Stage

Where is Drymades Beach?

Dhërmi is a village in Vlorë County, Albania. It is part of the municipality Himarë. The village lies 42 kilometers south of the city of Vlorë and about the same distance north of the southern city of Sarandë. The village is built on a slope of the Ceraunian Mountains at approximately 200 meters in altitude. It comprises three neighborhoods: Gjilek, Kondraq (also known as Kallam), and Dhërmi itself. The mountains descend to the southwest into the Ionian coast and Corfu in the distance to the south. Recently, the coastal area has seen a boom in the construction of accommodation facilities, such as wooden villa complexes.

How to get to Turtle Fest?
You can get to us from every town in Albania by car or bus.
The nearest airport in Albania is TIA (Tirana International Airport) and Airport of Corfu, in Greece.

What is the best means of transport to get to the festival site?

After arriving, we recommend that you move around the village by taxi, or shuttle buses, on foot or by a bicycle – you’ll save fuel, you’ll be fit, and there is no need for other transport.

What types of accommodation exist in Drymades and Dhermi during the festival?

When coming to Turtle Fest in Drymades, we recommend you stay in one of the hotels 3” to 5” nearby Drymades and Dhermi, apartments, beach huts or, if you want your days to be a real festival adventure, you can stay in the Turtle Fest camp, “The Sea Turtle Camp” or other camps around. Check for accommodation here or in Airbnb, Booking.com

What is the payment method at the festival?

Food, drinks, souvenirs and other services and activities can only be paid with wristbands, Turtle Fest’s form of payment or cash. From the beginning till the end of the official part of the program, during all four days, you can top up your wristband, which will be placed throughout the festival locations and clearly marked. You can top up by cash or by card.

What clothing to pack in a suitcase?

Due to the specific climate in Dhermi, Albania, besides the things you regularly bring with you to summer festivals, we advise you to pack your clothes from bathing suit – for hot summer days, to thin jackets – for fresh mornings.

What are the things I cannot bring in with me to the festival venue?

For your safety we created a general rulebook defining which items you cannot bring into festival venue:

  • No weapons allowed
  • No drugs or any illegal intoxicating substance allowed
  • No unauthorized professional cameras – any photo and video will be considered Turtle Fest property, and author of said materials is obliged to turn them over to the festival
  • No food bought outside the festival location allowed
  • No bottles or cans allowed
  • No music instruments allowed
  • No pets allowed
  • No big umbrellas allowed
  • No masks allowed
  • No lasers allowed
  • No big backpacks allowed

Do I have to be an adult to get into the Turtle Fest?

Yes. Turtle Fest is 18+ festival.

Who is performing at the Turtle Fest this year?

You can check out upcoming Turtle Fest Artists following us on social Media

How to buy a ticket for Turtle Fest?

You can buy tickets HERE

Can I buy food at the festival?

Turtle Fest has it’s Food Corner within which you can buy food. This year you’ll be able to make a break with fish food, burgers, pasta, sandwiches or fruits.