Kled Mone - Turtle Fest

Kled Mone

Raised among music and arts, Kled Mone’s involvement with music seemed inevitable.
Defined by dark and melancholic chords, his sound is balancing between vulnerable details and emotional intensity while maintaining a certain range of electronic elements.
As a remixer, Kled Mone has worked on well known Greek acts like Monsieur Minimal, Dusk, Papercut, as well as international ones like KADEBOSTANY, MOBY, Leona Lewis, Bastille, Julia Stone, Duke and more.
With 2 personal albums in his assets (Feeling Good, Chapters Of Life) with his tracks included on world wide known music compilations such as Buddha Bar ,Select 9
and with over 30million views on Youtube and 1million streams on Spotify,

Kled Mone is clearly an upcoming music genius.